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Jamie Caddick scored the Raj 5/5 when he visited the Raj

"It's old school, it's traditional, and that's precisely why I love it. Those candlelit tables, comfy booths, stained glass panels, red carpets and white-washed arched ceiling encapsulating nostalgic memories of when I first started dining there."

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Bristol Post review of Raj Reastaurant

Apparently we had a visit from the Bristol Evening Post recently. We had no idea until one of our regular customers congratulated us on the review. We went straight out and bought a copy.

Brostol Evening Post restaurant review

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We have quite a few reviews on Trip Advisor and whilst you can't please all of the people, all of the time, we feel that the overall feeling is that we are doing pretty OK.

We're constantly striving to improve and our comment cards have been a great source of help.

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YouTube - Dinner with Jack

The Raj was visited by YouTube legend Jack Harries AKA Jacksgap who enjoyed his meal, but was surprised we didn't have a camera! Jack has over a million followers and is extremely popular with teenagers.